Sunday, August 29, 2010

Josephine Scovell to Washington Tharp 31 March (no year)

This is is very badly faded. I think probably it was written before the previous letter. Sorry! When they don't have a full date sometimes I have to just guess about when they were sent.
Punctuation and paragraphing are largely editorial, as usual.

March the last day
Dear Cousin
I take my pen in hand fore the purpose of writing you a few lines to tell you how I am getting along in this county. I am pretty well, I thank you. how do you do? this is one of the prettiest sabbath mornings you ever saw and the old folks are all gone and we are going to have a stir off of shugar. I wish you were here to help us eat it. I thought I had answered your last letter but as I never recieved any answer I thought you never recieved my letter or I forgot to write but to save my life I could not tell wich. I have recieved so many letter this winter that I can not hardly keep the run of them. last week I got five and a valentine. I we have changed our time for sabath school at three oclock. last sunday evening Ella came here and our beaus came to and you had better believe we had a good time. well he has came and I must close for the morning.

It is evening now and I have been to school and I expect he will be back tonight. I don't know for certain as it is not his regular time. I would give anything amost in reason if you only would come out here and see us. I want you to come and see us once before you marry. I have not as much to write this time as I do for common. I do want you to beshure and come and see us this spring if you can. I would like to see you now. Ella has just gone. she would like to see you. just bundle up and come wont we have a good time. there will be no use of talking if we don't. I would like to know if Milton is married yet and I would to know if you was a going to mary. I think you might tell me. I never let any boddy see them only when you write to Ella. I tell our folks you are all well and so on. this is varry poorly written if you can not read it just sent it back.

This is easter sunday. there was 21 at dinner here today. you ought to have been here to just for the fun if nothiing else. you must beshure and write for I can not wait vary much longer. it is getting late and I must draw this scribbling to a close. I just can not think of any thing to say or wright. come and I can talk fast enough. write me a letter and then I can think of enough if it is nothing but foolishness.

When this you see
remember me
remember me when far away
remember me here I stay
remember while love is sweet
remember me till next we meet
so no more
write soon

From Josephine Scovell
to Washington Tharp

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