Who are these people?

Here are the major people involved in this collection. I am only going to note marriages that resulted in children, although there were some later re-marriages.

Andrew and Jane Tharpe had a son, Washington Tharp, who fought in the US Civil War (1861-1865).

Washington Tharp came home from the war to Shell Rock, Iowa and married Mary White. They had at least two children, Frank and Ray.

Frank Thorpe (the spelling changed over time) went to work at a hardware store in Crete, Nebraska owned by his grandfather, Ezra White. There he met Anna McPeak, daughter of A.J. and Olive McPeak, who was studying at Doane College. They were engaged for about a year, then got married in 1889.

Frank and Anna (the two most active letter writers) had three daughters, Hattie, Olive, and Frances Thorpe. They moved to Versailles, Missouri.

Frances was engaged to Claire Cutler (yes, "Claire" is a guy). Claire died of TB in the 19-teens.

*****Events not covered by the letters:
Frances Thorpe married Marion Otten. They had one daughter, Laura (born in 1920).

Laura Otten married Garver Searcy. They had three children: Judy, Frances, and James (Jim).

Judy Searcy married John Brackman(n) in 1962. They had two children: Daniel and Rebecca (me).

Fran Searcy married Johnnie Hayes and had a daughter, Theresa (Terri).

Theresa married Steve Harrison and had two daughters, Amanda and Jennifer. They are, to date, the latest generation of descendants from our letter writers.

Some perspective: Frances Thorpe Otten is my great-grandmother. Anna is my great-great grandmother. Washington Tharp is my great-great-great grandfather. Andrew Tharp is my great-great-great-great grandfather. For Amanda and Jennifer, there is one more layer of "greats" to this.