Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S.M. Wright to Anna McPeak 17 Jan 1875

This is tiny and the date is hard to read--probably it should have come before the previous letter. I believe that Anna's mother was a Wright, so this is probably an aunt or perhaps a grandmother?
Epworth Iowa Jan 17th 1875

Dear Anna

I was much pleased with your letter, am glad you are learning to write. I am not sorry that your school is out, I often thought of you and worried for fear you might get caught out in some of the cold storms and suffer or perhaps free[ze] and that would be awful. I shall feel better now that you will be at home with your ma. I hope you will be a good girl and have patience and perseverence to learn your lessons well. only think how nice it is to have a kind mother to take care of you and hear you recite your lessons. How many little children there is that have not got any mother to take care of them and teach them to love the Savior who said suffer little children to come unto me. he loves good children.

I hope you will thank God every day for giving you kind parents, and pray to him to take all of the naughty out of your heart so that you will not make them any trouble, and please the Savior, and grow up to be a useful pious woman.

I am glad Old Santa Claus didn't forget you but brought you something to keep you warm these cold nights. My eyes ache so I must stop. hope you will write again.

When I sat down I intended to write to your Ma too to night but find I haven't got any paper but this little baby stuff so will wait till I get some.

Good bye,
yours with much love,
S.M. Wright.
the "little baby stuff" is indeed small, and has a pressed figure on it of a rabbit. It's cute!

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