Monday, September 6, 2010

Mary White Teaching Certificate, Oct 18, 1862

Teacher's Certificate

To all to whom these Presents shall come:
Be it known that we, ARTEMAS D. KNAPP and ALEXANDER B. DOUGLAS, School Commissioners for the county of Delaware, having examined Mary J. White and having ascertained her qualifications in respect to moral character, learning, and ability to instruct a COMMON SCHOOL, do hereby Certify, that he [sic] is qualified and entitled and is accordingly Licensed to teach Common Schools in any Town in this County for the term of two years from this date.

And we further certify that Mary J. White has attended the Teachers' Institute held at Delhi, in October, 1862, by the School Commissioners of the County of Delaware, as required by law, and by constant attendance and active participation in the instruction given, is entitled to the special consideration of Trustees as possessing the ambition and zeal of a true Teacher.

Given under our hands this 18th day of October, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two.

A D Knapp
A B Douglas

School Commissioners of Delaware County.
Mary White will eventually be Washington Tharp's wife.

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