Thursday, September 16, 2010

Washington Tharp to Andrew Tharp Nov. 1 1863

November the 1st 1863

Dear Father
I take my pencil in hand for purpose of answering your kind letter wich I received the other day but Wich found me quite unwell. I have been havening [?] the ague, the old sort. But I think that have got it broke. yes we was hurried off from Camp Roberts sooner than we expected. We have been badly treated as a Regt, in that respect. We are no where and expect to leave day after tomorrow for Chattanooga. I do not know now when I shall be at home. Father, I want you to take the charge of my property in your own hands, and do with it as your own. I want you to see to things just the same as if they belonged to yourself.

I am going send my money home and am going to send to you, and I want you to pay my debts with it. I want you to pay Br. G Searkins 4,00 dollars out of it, and aply the Balance on my other acounts. as yet I have had no Chance to get my likeness taken neither do I no now when I will, as to Renting my farm out, do the verry best you can, as you are rite there.

well Father I am in town today and have sent home $48,00 dollars by express. There was five of us that has sent our money together. We have had it expressed to Cedar falls, all in Care of Mr. Phillips.

Mr. Phillips is my bunk mate, Father. He lives 4 miles above Shell Rock. I shall writ to him and have him leave it with Carter. I shall get my likeness taken today. I cannot get but one taken now and I will send it to Mary and as soon as I can I will send all the Rest one. I have sent home one Company Record that I want James to take care of for me until I return.

So no more at present, but still remain your obedient son,
Direct your letters to Co. J 8th Iowa Cav
Washington Tharp
Andrew Tharp.
I assume "Mary" is Mary White, his fiancee. I guess she got the first photo--tough luck, mom and dad!

A google search indicates that Camp Roberts was near Davenport.

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