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Andrew Thorp to Washington Thorpe 12 Feb. 1873

Grundy County
February 12 1873

Dear son and family,

I take my pen in hand to address a few lines to you all we are all well at this time and hope when this reaches you it will find you enjoying the same blessing.

We have had a severe winter in Missouri the thermometer stood at 28 to 32 degrees below zero for one day. We have had morer [sic] snow than has been in this state in one winter for many years. But the weather is fine no rain yet, the snow melting away by the warmth of the sun. Times are pretty tight in Visey [?] property of all kinds low except wheat and flour. wheat 1.35 flour proportionally seed wheat spring inferior 1.50 and scarce.

Now Washington, I want you to send me five lb bushells of the best spring wheat for seed tea wheat if you can get it. Henry wrote to James a short time ago about sending some seed to him but has read no answer yet. It will be a great favor if you boys can send the wh[e]at. I raised no wheat last year our old wheat done us up to present time but we shall have to bag flour until we raise wheat again. the bugs summer before last destroyed our spring wheat entirely.

I am sorry to have to say that I have not the money to send at present but have a prospect of some in June next. I can refund the money by the first of July speak to James and Milton about the matter. you will use your own judgment whether to sack or barrel or box or coffee sacks will do they will be the cheapest. I will post [illegible] to Trenton to the care of Smith and Jacoby unless directed otherwise.

Well enough about the wheat. Give my love to all the conexion and old friends. If I live and prosper I intend to go to Iowa some time between and next fall.

Write soon and let know about the wheat.
Yours truly,
Andrew Tharp
to Washington Tharp and family.
Frozen ink poor pen and nervous hand. 

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